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Paul Stanley


"A KISS concert experience is like sex or anything else that’s done with more that one person. It’s the give and take that makes it so great. When the audience takes it to the next level, we can kick it up another notch."  - Paul Stanley
 I’ve been to one of their shows back in 2009 it is like sex but, also a fucking religious experience as well.

i swear to god why does he have to look so fine XD
Paul and his beautiful wife, Erin.
20. February 2014

Hello all!  Thank you for sticking around and waiting for updates from this blog.  Things have been a little stressful on my end, but I’ll do my best to keep this piece updated.

To all of the new followers we received during our period of inactivity, THANK YOU so much for finding us and following.  We’ll be sure to keep updating for you.

We’d love to post more content rather than just reblog posts, so fan art, Paul face paint, etc. would be awesome to see!  If you have photos of Paul fan art, makeup, or anything of the like, do submit it to us.  We’ll link it back to you, promise!

Looking forward to seeing stuff from you, and welcome once again!

- Jessica